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Lord and Penna is a partnership of three partnerships, James & Marjorie Lord, Kacie & Ardie Lord and Gerard & Linda Penna.

LPP owns an aggregation of two properties, Woolthorpe, North of Aramac, and Bayrick, South of Tambo.

Gerard and Linda Penna live at Woolthorpe, operating the aggregation and managing the Lord and Penna business.

Woolthorpe is 113,000 acres (45,730 H.A.), 50% of which is open downs country, the remainder of which is pull gidgy and boree, channels and floodout.

Bayrick is 36,000 acres (14,574 H.A.) of undulating mitchel grass downs and buffel grass. It is prime wool growing/fattening country.

The business runs approximately 10,000 head of sheep and 7,000 head of cattle.

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